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We believe every product concept warrants focused creativity. You deserve an experienced, responsible, and transparent partner who will take the time to understand your unique needs and deliver quality solutions.


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Mechanical Design

We perfect and refine the mechanical and tactile aspects of each product, with a keen eye towards improving functionality, reliability, and efficiency throughout the process.

Industrial Design

We help our clients develop elegant, user-centric product solutions through creative exploration of function, ergonomics, and aesthetics that will exude a look and feel of quality.

Medical Design

We partner with innovative companies on projects to improve health outcomes, facilitate treatment and care, and positively affect quality of life.

Research & Development

Exploratory foundational work is essential to developing the best approach, materials, and methods for achieving our clients’ goals and evaluating product feasibility.

Market Research

We carefully evaluate the existing landscape in order to confirm that each product has a place in the market and, ultimately, a viable future in its particular industry.

Manufacturing Readiness

We ensure that our clients’ designs are ready to become a tangible reality, taking all necessary steps to prepare for production.

Monolithic touch screen display increases ease of use, modernizes user interface, and enhances product design sophistication.
Automated sliding glass window provides an unobstructed view of the cutting process and easy access for loading parts.
Rapid Injection Molded (RIM) plastic parts, sheet metal side panels, and a cast aluminum base were designed to fit together precisely with no exposed fasteners.
Designed with a minimal footprint for efficient tabletop placement in a lab environment.
Custom four-bar hinge design allows the service door to open 180-degrees despite its curved design and tight alignment.

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