TruTuner: Creating New Products for Your Customers

By September 30, 2019Client Spotlight

Often, to grow your business it is better to create more products for your customers instead of trying to find more customers for your products.

You have already earned trust and attention from a particular audience. Instead of spending time and money running ads to reach more people, investing in new products for the people who already want what you are offering can be a great way forward. Jason Truda of TruTuner has done just that.

Jason came to SPARK several years ago with an innovative yet simple idea to greatly improve the experience of replacing a drum head. That product was TruTuner, which is still sold today at major retailers like Sam Ash and GuitarCenter.

Since the success of TruTuner, Jason has invested in launching his new FX Series product line. While TruTuner was aimed at helping everyone from hobbyists to professional drummers get ready to play, the FX Series offers his customers a suite of products designed to enhance and customize the drumming experience.

You can read more about Jason and his new product line on the TruTuner project profile page.