Scent Generating Kiosk product design by SPARK Product Development



In 2015 scent marketing giant ScentAir aimed to engage new clients through interactive displays on the trade show floor. Turning to SPARK, the result was an attractive, sleek, and user-centric kiosk unit, highlighting ScentAir’s patented scent dispensing technology on a portable scale.

As scent technology integrates into commercial settings (casinos, hotels, retail stores, and even fitness centers), ScentAir’s challenge rested in communicating the provided experience and the company’s culture through a tangible product.

“SPARK provides an exceptional combination of industrial design and mechanical design. The Table Top Kiosk is a perfect example. It proves that SPARK can design an elegant product as well as a finely engineered machine.”

-Evan Nieh (VP of Research & Engineered Solutions, ScentAir)


When they first approached SPARK, ScentAir knew only that they wanted a small kiosk to be shipped to various trade shows. The design would also have to be manufacturable in small quantities. This open-ended challenge resulted in extensive ideation with collaborative industrial design support from Sprocket Studio.

Various styles were consciously experimented with; from furniture to futuristic, flat to round, wide to thin. Through many iterations and final approval from various stakeholders at ScentAir, a design direction was chosen.

Design sketches became increasingly focused as ScentAir’s desired aesthetic was identified then refined.


With a form established, SPARK was then able to dive into the detailed mechanical design, incorporating ScentAir’s internal scent generation unit and working through the critical issues related to cast urethane molding, machining and metal fabrication, all of which had to easily assemble and disassemble. Throughout the process, SPARK stayed true to the aesthetic vision that ScentAir so strongly desired.


The ScentAir kiosk integrates an Apple iPad interface and multiple scent nozzles with the sculpted housing design. Highly interactive and visually alluring, the kiosk reflects the technological advancement of scent marketing, the ScentAir brand, and even the creative beginnings of their founder

(a rocket scientist turned Disney Imagineer) with its futuristic profiles and bright color and material breaks. SPARK guaranteed success by following through with the final detailed mechanical design while maintaining vigilant support throughout production of the kiosk assembly.