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What will it cost to design my product?

This question is asked a lot- the truth is that we really can’t tell you until we discuss in detail. There is no typical cost and all projects are different.

What types of products does SPARK design?

SPARK has expertise creating products with many materials and processes. For a list of our capabilities, please see our Services.

What CAD software does SPARK primarily use?

SPARK uses SolidWorks as a primary 3D CAD software.

Can SPARK help me with my prototype needs?

Definitely. How SPARK can help depends on the level of mechanical and aesthetic complexity as well as quantity desired.

I have a project with electronics- does SPARK do that?

Absolutely. SPARK’s employees are mechanical engineers and industrial designers, but we partner with electrical engineering professionals who can get the job done.

Can SPARK work alongside my team with our projects?

Yes, SPARK is happy to work with your designers or engineers to help you increase bandwidth on a project. SPARK can work on site or remotely.


Partner Spotlight
June 28, 2018

Partner Spotlight: Spectrum Metal Services

Several years ago SPARK had the opportunity to work with ADI Engineering (now Silicom Ltd.) on a project for Intel. The success of that project has led to an ongoing...
Partner Spotlight
March 13, 2018

Partner Spotlight: Applied Rapid Technologies

It is no secret that prototyping is an important part of any product development process.  Because SPARK tends to develop physical products for our clients, we often have the need...

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