What will it cost to design my product?

This question is asked a lot- the truth is that we really can’t tell you until we discuss your project in detail. There is no typical cost and all projects are different.

What types of products does SPARK design?

SPARK has expertise creating products with multiple materials and processes. For a list of our capabilities, please see our Services.

What CAD software does SPARK primarily use?

SPARK uses SolidWorks as our primary 3D CAD software.

Can SPARK help me with my prototype needs?

Definitely. How SPARK can help depends on the level of mechanical and aesthetic detail, as well as quantity desired.

I have a project with electronics... Does SPARK do that?

Absolutely. SPARK’s employees are mechanical engineers and industrial designers, but we partner with electrical engineering professionals who can get the job done.

Can SPARK work alongside my team with our projects?

Yes, SPARK is happy to work with your designers or engineers to help you with bandwidth expansion on a project. SPARK can be on site or remote.

How much does tooling for injection molding plastics typically cost?

This cost depends on the needs of your product. Though price generally increases with part size, some materials and features can cost more than others. When you purchase tooling, you will be investing in precision-machined aluminum or steel molds, which are expensive up front, but your part cost in higher volumes will be very low.

I need something 3D printed… can SPARK do this?

SPARK has in-house 3D printers, but they require a project to be associated. We do not sell this as a standalone service, but we can direct you to some of our partners who could assist you based on your budget.

How do I make something for production?

This is one of SPARK’s greatest strengths. Again, the process is always different depending on your project. Please review the documents in our Resource Library for more information on our development process.

What does “Tool Ready” mean?

Tool ready means that your product design is fully complete and you now have all of the 3D CAD files and 2D documentation prepared so you can go straight to a production facility to begin manufacturing.

Why should I consider licensing my intellectual property vs selling the product myself?

Starting a business around a new product is a lot of work and can be financially risky depending on how much you have invested. If you are ready to drop everything and focus on creating a business, it can be rewarding (though there are no guarantees). However, if you like your day job and would rather collect royalty checks than handle manufacturing, sales, marketing, etc. then licensing may be the way to go. Please view our Production Considerations document in the Resource Library for more information.

I don’t have a patent on my idea yet... Will SPARK steal my idea?

No. SPARK contractually assigns all invention rights to you (“work for hire” does not cover patent invention).

SPARK will absolutely keep your idea private, but if you are worried about disclosing information, SPARK will sign a confidentiality agreement (or NDA) as required.

If SPARK helps me with my project, do they keep a percentage of my profits?

No, SPARK operates on one-time fees. We do not retain any percentage of your product or company’s future earnings. You own 100% of any deliverables upon payment at the close of a phase.