Music is all about timing—and replacing a worn drum head can be a serious interruption. This is especially true for professional musicians, drum techs, or teachers who need to regularly care for multiple drums. The process is time consuming and tedious, requiring numerous “keys” that hold the head in place to be loosened and then carefully re-tightened with identical tension around the drum. Jason Truda, inventor of the TruTuner, knew there had to be a better way.

“I have worked with SPARK for about six years now. Their attention to detail, execution and professionalism impresses me every time. That is why they have been, and will continue to be, the company I use on every project!”

Jason Truda

(President/CEO, Head On Innovations, LLC)


Head On Innovations first approached SPARK with an idea to revolutionize the process of drum head replacement—a device that could turn all of the tension rods simultaneously. The replacement time could be cut to a fraction and the new head would be perfectly tuned every time.

However, the original concept was overly complex, using gear-driven, extendable arms, and SPARK immediately recognized it would be far to complex and expensive to be a successful product. SPARK ideated on alternative means for achieving Jason’s initial vision, allowing him to test prototypes and provide feedback along the way. The result was a much simplified, molded disc that was easy to use and cost effective for production.

“TruTuner is fantastic! …I can’t imagine changing my heads the old way ever again. Innovative, great product!!!”

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SPARK supported Head On Innovations through manufacturing, coaching Jason on what to expect at each stage of production. Jason now works directly with his production vendors to fulfill orders and maintain the high quality of his products.

Since the TruTuner first hit the market Jason has found continued success. His initial product can be purchased at major retailers such as Sam Ash, GuitarCenter, and Sweetwater, where it is receiving rave reviews. It has also been endorsed by drum techs for notable artists including Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, OutKast, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, and The Zac Brown Band.


Riding the wave of his initial success, Jason has continued to partner with SPARK to innovate in the world of drumming. His latest release is the FX Series accessories which have once again caught the attention of famous musical acts across the country.

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The FX products can be attached to drum sticks, drum heads, or bass pedals to easily add a shaker or tambourine sound texture to a drummer’s natural playing. The accessories can be quickly released from their bases to add or remove sounds as needed, and any sound accessory is compatible with any base, allowing for maximum versatility of use.

“Sounds killer, wish these would have been around a lot sooner.”
– Customer Review

Jason was recently granted another patent for his FX line, which adds to his portfolio of intellectual property. This latest protection revolves around the FX Series’ quick release attachments which SPARK helped to design.

SPARK will continue to support Jason’s future efforts and we are proud to see the business he has built thriving!