Three Sixty Corp.


Three Sixty Corp. LLC was founded by experienced infantrymen who saw a clear need for a new combat helmet light, better suited to modern tactical gear. While in Afghanistan, they developed a prototype utilizing a compact, cylindrical design. Back stateside, they hired SPARK to execute the electronics development and mechanical design for manufacturing.

“This light is the most versatile I’ve owned. I would recommend this product to any soldier or first responder that is in the market for a good, durable light.”

Michael Bender

(Observer Controller)


With a combat product, functional design criteria are of the utmost importance. A controlled, directional beam of light was required to maximize illumination, while minimizing exposure to the enemy. The ACHL needed to be easy to operate with a gloved hand, offer a red light option for maintaining night vision, and support versatile mounting options to seamlessly integrate with various tactical gear. It also needed to remain inexpensive, as soldiers are required to purchase their own helmet lights.

“One of the best lights I have ever used in the field. The use of both a white and red lens that do not have different brightness settings is outstanding. Very easy to mount and does not hinder vision while not in use, or effect my night vision while in use… Genius product!!” – Donald McElroy (Customer Review)


Designed for flexibility, the ACHL can mount to a fixed bracket on the helmet below existing night vision equipment, or it can be used with an elastic band as a headlamp to eliminate the need for carrying multiple lights. It provides direct, centered illumination without blinding the user or impairing vision/movement when not in use.

Using standard coin cell batteries, the ACHL can provide continuous white illumination for over eight hours. In order to maintain constant light intensity, the electronics were designed with a constant current DC/DC LED driver, which acts as a switching power supply, so continuous, bright lighting can be provided in a lightweight and compact body.


SPARK has supported Three Sixty through early production and helped to refine the ACHL by adding a sliding blue lens cover and blackout cover for enhanced usability. The ACHL is currently available at and through