ESAB Rebel


Sweden-based welding company ESAB sought to break into the North American welding market with a game changer: a robust and powerful, but compact product that could handle multiple welding processes. The result is The Rebel – a light industrial welder that combines MIG, TIG, and Stick welding in a portable, smart, rugged steel housing.

“I’ve been a fabricator for about 30 years and have used all kinds of welders, and this is right at the top as far as your smaller welders go.”

“This welder is top end… …Well built and superb engineering”

Customer Reviews


The ESAB Rebel was a ground-up design aimed to make a splash in the US market. SPARK partnered with Sprocket Studios in the early stages of the design process to provide mechanical perspective, material sourcing, and engineering services.

SPARK helped to maintain Sprocket’s strong industrial design vision while working with overseas vendors to overcome manufacturing constraints and keep the design aligned with ESAB’s marketing and business strategy.

“What SPARK gave us was the experience and resources we needed.” – Scott Evans (Owner, Sprocket Studio)


To meet the premium quality standards for this machine and hone in on specific functional criteria, SPARK designed an entirely custom wire feeder assembly for the Rebel. Cast parts were specially designed to be interchangeable so they could be also be used on future, larger welding machines.

The ruggedized outer frame was designed for injection molding, and features five handles that serve as a roll cage while allowing for easy portability. Coupled with a unibody steel construction, this lightweight unit was able to withstand unparalleled drop tests in today’s welding industry.


SPARK provided production-level mechanical design services for the entire Rebel machine, inside and out. The enclosure was built to pass IP65 dust and water protection standards, but still features a full-side hinged door for easy access to the custom spool holder. Through and through, the Rebel was built with quality in mind.


Loaded with unique features and industry-first technologies, the Rebel has been a success in the US market, with rave reviews from customers of all experience levels. With it’s durable, rugged design, easy to use interface and controls, and prominent color LCD screen, the Rebel is both user friendly and a shop workhorse.