EagleEyes Viewer


As a means for bringing back clear detail vision, the EagleEyes Viewer is a portable lens system specifically designed for taking down scores on the golf course. SPARK designed the viewer to easily mount to any golf cart steering wheel to assist with reading notoriously small scorecards. Thanks to its user-friendly design, the EagleEyes Viewer continues to find new day-to-day uses that extend its functionality beyond the links.

“The EagleEyes Viewer eliminates the need for glasses that get in the way, get lost, or get broken.”

-Darrell Mitchell (Inventor, EagleEyes Viewer)


Beginning with nothing more than a sample Fresnel lens and an idea, the EagleEyes Viewer was a relatively simple concept that required rapid development and mechanical refinement in order to produce a durable working model for an upcoming trade show opportunity. This included lens selection, frictional force optimization in the arm hinges, and the key challenge of creating a universal mounting system to accommodate varied golf cart steering wheels.


After a brief industrial design phase to establish look and feel, SPARK began testing mounting systems focused on easy installation, removal, and portability. Refined through iterative 3D printed prototypes, the result was a ratcheting plastic clamp with a foam grip that compresses for a firm hold to any size wheel. Audible feedback delivered by the ratchet also instills confidence that the device is securely mounted.


Darldona used SPARK’s network of high quality prototype vendors to create a low investment cost, high functionality batch of EagleEyes Viewers for the trade show. After successfully gauging market interest, SPARK’s 3D CAD data was then used to generate injection mold tooling for higher volume sales.

SPARK provided industrial design, prototyping, mechanical engineering, design for manufacturing, and material and component sourcing to create a portable, effective, and easy to use lens system that is now available on the market.