Baby Change-N-Go


When a baby needs a diaper change away from home, public restroom changing stations are typically the first stop. However, not all restrooms are equipped with stations, and even if they are, there’s no guarantee that it will be clean, safe, and ready to use right away.

The Baby Change-N-Go is a product fueled by the personal experiences of product inventors, Brenda Lee Roberts and Minaz Moosa. Frustrated with the shortcomings of existing public facilities, they set out to create the first collapsible, portable, and safe baby changing station.

“The SPARK team was really easy to work with. They worked efficiently to help us get to a rough proof of concept, and eventually our final prototype in as short a time as possible.”

-Brenda Lee Roberts (Inventor / Founder, Baby Change-N-Go)


Benda and Minaz found that changing a baby away from home can be challenging due to a lack of stations, soiled platforms, broken assemblies, detected drug residue, and needing too many hands to set up while also holding a baby.

The two moms sketched their solution on the back of an envelope– a portable product that parents could hang on stall doors or walls, completely bypassing inadequate public facilities. When they saw an online post by celebrity father, Ashton Kutcher, complaining about the lack of changing stations in men’s restrooms they decided to pull the trigger and seek professional design help.


The Baby Change-N-Go concept first arrived at SPARK after early development through a West Coast firm resulted in several non-functional design concepts and an exceptionally expensive quote for further development. Brenda and Minaz presented the existing work and associated problems to SPARK, and in the words of Brenda, “SPARK ran with it- they were very easy to work with.”

Building on the initial work, SPARK generated additional concepts that would provide a more stable and secure changing platform. Concepts were tested using a series of sewn prototypes with weighted dolls, and SPARK was able to hone in on reliable design solution that solved all of the identified problems.

“SPARK ran with it- they were very easy to work with.”


The final product is a single piece, fold-up design that is packable, washable, and easy to set up with one hand. The product can be hung from a wall or door, where it will self-deploy, falling open and ready to receive a baby. Nylon webbing supports the platform and allows for easy access for a parent

who is left or right-handed to change their little one’s diaper. Mesh pockets provide space for storing wipes and clean clothes, and when finished, the station can be folded back up with one hand and stowed conveniently in a typical diaper bag.


Any product involving infants needs to be especially safe and reliable. The Baby Change-N-Go underwent significant stress testing and has proven to repeatedly hold well over 300 lbs before failure, so it can be trusted with even the largest toddlers.

Brenda and Minaz are now happily using and selling their Baby Change-N-Go stations. The product can currently be found on sale at Amazon and Buy Buy Baby, and will be expanding to other retail outlets soon!