Onshape Repost: Lessons from Epic Product Design Failures

How does a product that raised $120 million fail within 6 months of launch? What about one that raised over $13 million from a successful Kickstarter campaign?

John McEleney, Co-Founder of Onshape, recently published a blog post about 5 Epic Consumer Product Design Failures. He uses these failures as an opportunity to highlight what went wrong and what was overlooked during the design process.

At SPARK, we always try to make beautiful products that are rooted in the reality of budget and manufacturability. If a client wants to eventually sell a product for $150 then we can’t design it so that it costs $250 to make.

So the lesson from item 1 on the list, the Coolest Cooler, rings loudly with us—which is why we always try to get clients to a place where they can get tooling and manufacturing cost estimates as quickly as possible. SPARK also keeps these factors in mind throughout the design process, so our clients are aware of the cost implications of the decisions they make along the way.

Budgeting for design is one thing, but budgeting for your first order (60,000 units in the Coolest Cooler’s case) is just as, if not more, important.

See the whole list and read John’s insights yourself here