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SPARK is here to get your idea up and running, not to trip you up with red tape. Ultimately, you own the process, the designs, and all intellectual property created for your project.

product engineering process

product engineering process

product engineering process

Concept Engineering Process


SPARK starts every project at its center. We focus our efforts on defining the core functions and design criteria at inception to guide the design process outward. Considerations like marketing, product users and environment, production processes, and product economics are all factored in. Spark's team of creative, diverse and even eccentric professionals all contribute to each project. The best ideas from the team evolve into concept design sketches, storyboards, and animations.

Development Engineering Process


Because we think about what is likely to happen before it happens, we avoid common design and manufacturing pitfalls. We deliver designs that show our depth of knowledge and our understanding of your business. You won't see designs that can't be accomplished — we would rather deliver rock-solid designs that are "tool ready". Engineering analysis (FEA, FMEA, DFMA) and cost analysis ensure risks are minimized.

Prototyping Engineering Process


The first prototype is a real world, tactile object that gives us invaluable information about what your idea needs to become a successful product. Prototypes come in many forms, from CNC cut foam, to 3D prints, to complex machined parts. No matter how big your idea is, we have a way to build, test, analyze and refine it for the real world.

Refinement Engineering Process


Lessons learned from the prototypes are applied to the design for production. Additionally, CAD designs benefit from review by manufacturers. This dialogue ensures your product will be made with the best cost, performance and delivery balance. The final product documentation is the key method of communication with suppliers and within an organization. We produce complete, detailed documentation packets for your product. If you need a manufacturer, we can help you find one as well.

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SPARK connects innovation with specialized execution, and thrives on exploring viability and producing detailed designs for real manufacturability. SPARK combines deep competencies & technical know-how with a flexible style. SPARK is exceptional at conceptualization, engineering, industrial design, and producing tool-ready designs and prototypes.