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At SPARK we tailor the experience to you, your product and processes. We offer a balanced approach with technical know-how and creative solutions. Give SPARK a call and let's explore your product idea and determine the best approach.

You are among an elite group of people who seek to improve life and develop products that can be taken to market. You're not seeking fluff. You value real workable solutions and designs that bring your idea to market. It's important you partner with a proven team of professionals who effectively listen to your ideas and ask all the tough questions. You value a partnership that provides you with the confidence of real feasibility and that your product will function as you envision.

When working with SPARK you'll quickly learn that once we completely understand your idea and its intended use, we will share in your energy and passion to deliver a viable product.

What's different about SPARK is that roughly 50% of the ideas we embark on become real products. We are a team of professionals who have been there and done that. You deserve the diverse experiences and deep expertise in product conceptualization and design that SPARK provides. We know what it takes to transition an idea into a manufacturable product.

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SPARK connects innovation with specialized execution, and thrives on exploring viability and producing detailed designs for real manufacturability. SPARK combines deep competencies & technical know-how with a flexible style. SPARK is exceptional at conceptualization, engineering, industrial design, and producing tool-ready designs and prototypes.