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Bill and SeanMeet Bill and Sean: they're the flint and steel that created SPARK. Equal parts nuts and bolts. Balanced sense of structure and hidden mathematical beauty.

The pair of product designers met while working in the engineering department of a large company. There, they saw how ugly projects became without that mathematical beauty. They witnessed the shortcomings of hiring typical outside product design consultants and saw projects overhauled because they weren't feasible. Soon after, the gears started turning to form SPARK.

Sean: "We felt we could do a better job listening to clients to find elegant solutions."
Bill: "And not burden their payroll."

They established SPARK as the next generation product design firm. SPARK strikes the balance between form and function, where viable ideas spring to life.

Sean: "In the beginning, we were able to use professional engineering software and that set us apart. Our designs are automatically better suited for manufacturing because of that."
Bill: "And we have a 90% product launch rate on work that we do for existing product companies."

Product Design that works in the real world? That is truly a beautiful thing.

Spark Building

Our Facilities

We work out of a new San Francisco-style warehouse space known as an "office condominium," which combines office space with the ample shop space we need to build prototypes and prove out concepts so we can make the best possible end products.

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5928 School Avenue
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PHONE: 804.440.5700
FAX: 856.975.5225
EMAIL: info@SPARKpd.com

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SPARK connects innovation with specialized execution, and thrives on exploring viability and producing detailed designs for real manufacturability. SPARK combines deep competencies & technical know-how with a flexible style. SPARK is exceptional at conceptualization, engineering, industrial design, and producing tool-ready designs and prototypes.